Learning about God

The closer I get the clearer He is

The closer I get, the clearer God is

My view of God has changed since as I have grown up and that is good. As a child I thought as a child and as an adult I should think like an adult. My first lessons of God came from my Mom. When I did something wrong my mother would say: “Don’t do that again. God will get you for that”.  So as I child I learned God was all seeing and a judge who would punish me for my sins. There is more to God than omniscience and judgement.  At some point I did notice that if my dad was present he didn’t disagree with her but was uncomfortable with what she said.  But Mom was probably exasperated and was using the God line to coerce me to obey. His reaction gave me a glimmer that perhaps she was not right. Slowly, as I have read and re-read the bible, and listened to excellent expository preachers, I have learned more about Him and love Him more deeply.

What does the Bible say?  When we read about Him, we need to evaluate our ideas of God.  Does our idea of God line up with scripture?  If our ideas don’t line up, it is us who needs to change.

The more I learn of him the more there is to know.  How does your description of God compare with what the Bible says about Him.

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