Everyone has a place, a function

Last March, I had the privilege to see Romans 12: 1-5 lived out.  Paul calls us to check our egos at the door. He echoes the command that begins in Genesis to worship God.  To do this we need to be continually renewed. To grow in Christ we need good food. Just like a healthy diet has a variety of foods we need spiritual food from several sources. The Bible is of course, a staple along with a healthy spoonful of sermons. Condiments of spiritual mentors and friends plus a dash of soul feeding music complete my plate. Through this I see how I am a piece of the big picture. Each of us has a part to play. No role is more or less important than another. But the picture is distorted if I am missing or I am not doing my part. This came alive on a recent trip to Ecuador.

Group Picture Miami Airport

Group Picture Miami Airport

A church was planning to send out a construction crew to put roofs on some of the children’s homes at the Henry Davis Foundation–http://www.hfecuador.org/. A nurse practitioner was added and the crew grew from purely construction to both construction and medical. There were about 20 in the group. The attitude of the group was how can I help? Everyone found their niche, created by God. It was a wonderful trip, the camaraderie was high. People made decisions for Christ with good follow-up by their village pastor.  The construction crew served the children by providing safe dry roofs over their heads. They modeled Christian manhood to the kids. The dental-medical crew loved and cared for patients. Some of villagers would ask:  why are they doing this? Our Ecuadoran evangelists would then explain the love of Christ. Evenings were filled with playing with the kids and shopping for medications. The nights overflowed with laughter, filling bags of medicine for the next day, organizing the “pharmacy”, playing games. We had three cooks who replenished our bodies with fresh local food and supported us in any way they could. Some people were not so sure what they would do when they went, others their jobs evolved. At the end of the trip, it was obvious why God brought each one to Ecuador.

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