HE leads us

My last post was about the first sentence of PS 23:3, He restores my soul. The second sentence is: He leads me in paths of righteousness for His name’s sake.

God loves us dearly. Just like a child that does not understand how much his parents love him, so too, we have no clue how much God loves us. He restores our souls. Once we are restored, He wants us to move on toward maturity. He wants us to grow to become like Him, not Him but like Him, in the same image. We are to reflect Him.

He will not lead us stray, we wants the best for us: to grow up in maturity in Christ, to reflect Him. In order to be lead we need to listen to His instructions, His direction. Just like in the military, we sometimes don’t know why we are ordered to do something. We are called to trust and obey. We trust what we know. We can know Him better by being attentive to Him. A weaned child resting in His mothers arms is attentive to her every word, the amount of tension in her body, her every movement. So too, we need to attend to Him, abide in Him. God speaks to us most often in His word. Since the bible is described as the breath of God, we need to be in His word, meditating on it, studying it.

Christian, Christ follower, we bear His name. In the name, we represent Christ; we are ambassadors 24/7. As ambassadors, His honor is on the line. If we call ourselves Christian and do not follow Him in our thoughts, words and deeds, we bring dishonor to Him. This dishonor also gives Christianity, Christ following, a bad name. If we love God we do not want to hurt His reputation. We need to attend, or abide, in Christ not just for ourselves and our own personal growth, but to encourage other believers and be a positive witness to world of Christ’s redeeming and creating power in us. His honor, His reputation is at stake.

Until we meet again, go with God, Adonika

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