Decisions, decisions

Some time ago, I had a major decision to make. It was mine to make and no one else could make it.  It was one of those lifelong, not going back decisions. I knew which way I should go in the decision.  I prayed that God would help me recognize my struggle for what it was.   I also wanted peace of mind.  Through studying His word and prayer, I became more convinced of the correct biblical response.  After over two months of struggle, choose the path that best represented Gods character and Jesus’ teaching. It was a blind faith jump, it didn’t feel right.

over a cliff

I didn’t have a peace about it. But still I knew the biblical response. I knew this path would take a lot of sacrifice and 10 plus years of intense commitment.  I also knew that God would care for me and everyone involved.  It wasn’t until much later that I finally understood how much I was the problem. This should have been a shorter struggle but I can be pretty selfish.  When I choose do things Gods way, life goes better for me. Has Gods way been easy? No sometimes it has been downright exhausting but it is a better life than the one I planned. The sacrifices have been greater than I thought they would be but the rewards have been greater as well. God really does know me better than I know myself. 1 Ki 7.39, 1 Chron 28:9.  When I give into selfish desires they don’t satisfy for long and I just want another desire and another and another. Each time I trust Him my history with Him is longer.  I can look back on His faithfulness and rest more easily in His character.

He has me all the time

He has me all the time

This was a good example of not trusting my heart.  The heart or my emotions can be deceptive. Sometimes I choose the easy over the right. God really does know what is best for me. This should not surprise since He made me. He knows my innermost parts and thoughts.

Who is God?

Some say there is no God. Others say there is a God but each person describes Him in such a way that I wonder if we are talking about the same person. There are many descriptions of God.  Some people see him as an indulgent grandfather who readily forgives those who confess wrongs and then showers them with goodies. Others think of Him as vengeful, out to get anyone who steps out of line. Another opinion is that he set the universe in motion and then has stepped back and the world is on autopilot. There are many more. (I used Him,  and person, in the second sentence and that would be open to debate by some).

What we think God is one of the central keys to how we conduct our lives.

When you imagine Him, what is the first descriptive word you would use? What is His character like? Do you project characteristics of good or bad men in your life on Him? Sorting out what our beliefs are is important.

The next step is to see if our opinion or description aligns with what He says about Himself. But that is for another day. Image