How important are emotions?


How important are my emotions?  Do my emotions control me or do I control my emotions? Which should be in control? Happiness, it is a socially acceptable emotion, and it does not make observers uncomfortable like anger or grief does. Unfortunately, happiness is frequently more fleeting than other emotions.  I must be in control of my anger. I cannot rage verbally or physically when angry. Certainly there are times when I am overcome by grief and grieving is something to be worked through and not avoided. I have learned the hard way that my heart can’t be trusted. If I had stopped listening to the worlds message to follow my heart I would have had less problems in by life. Emotions are powerful and can lead me to sin. Num 15:9, 2 Chron 12:14, Mt 15:19. But there are good emotions like compassion, joy, love, mercy, hope. These reflect God’s character.  How much influence do your emotions have on your decisions?



Who influences me? Whose opinion is important to me? Should that person’s opinion count? Influence is not all bad. I need to recognize who or what influences me and why. Is their influence too much or too little? I seek out mentors to help mold me. My spouse is important. Those who have authority over me like my boss is important as well. But each has limited authority. My boss’s influence is not beyond the job. My husband is not to be followed if he asks me to sin. Children are important but I am the parent. I can guarantee my children won’t like some of my decisions!  When influences clash do I rank them as I should?

Sometimes I am afraid to speak truth or come to the defense of Christianity. Many times it is because I want to avoid the awkwardness or possible derision I will get. My comfort or what others think of me is more important than my Lord. This is sin. This can sometimes be me hiding my light under a basket. How dare I care about embarrassment when some of my brothers and sisters are dying every day to defend the gospel! When this happens I need to confess my sin. I can replay the scene in my mind and evaluate where I made my errors. Most of the time, it is a split second decision. With experience I can see the opportunities coming as few seconds earlier than before and be ready. I need to always speak respectfully with mercy and truth.

Yours in Him, Adonika